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Check your anonymity, Check your IP address and browser traceability. Verify if you are anonymous on TOR or other anonymizers (anonymous proxies).

This page shows all the information is possible to collect about the Browser, the System, the Document (and the User himself) during an Internet session.
For every entry is specified how such information has been gathered: "JS" means that that information has been collected using JavaScript. If JavaScript is disabled these entries will be hidden. "server" means that information has been collected from the server rather than from the browser.

IP address (server):
Host name (server):
Remote Port (server): 49986

Operating System (server): Unknown

Browser Name (server): Unknown
Browser User Agent (server): CCBot/2.0 (https://commoncrawl.org/faq/)
Accepted Languages (server): en-US,en;q=0.5

Document URI (server): /binfo_check_anonymity.php
Referring page (server):
Request method (server): GET

Note that inside of the TOR network your IP appears always as local ( If you want to see your apparent public IP and how your system appears on normal websites (the so called clearnet), check it on BrowsInfo.

This is the TOR Network's section of the website www.elfqrin.com.
You can access the main website in the clearnet to have more tools and extended features that can't be available on TOR for security reasons (they need JavaScript to be enabled).
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